June 20, 2024

How to Create a Blog with SeekaHost

SeekaHost is making the blog creation easy with the simple 10 steps.

  • Niche:

Select a niche in which you’re expert and would like to start writing it as a blog. You have to be precise in selecting the niche, so that can be wide enough to target a wide range of audience in long term.

  • Keyword Research:

Do a proper keyword research to your niche, which will help you to target the right audience. Make sure you’re target keyword is geocentric or based on general terms.

  • Domain Name:

Register your domain name in SeekaHost. The domain name can be a brand or niche keyword, it up to you to decide on the domain name. SeekaHost recommends to go with a brand name since it will bring some trust among the user.

  • Host Your Domain:

It is better to host your domain with Seekahost, as they provide reliable, trustworthy and secured hosting service.

  • WordPress And Plugins:

Start to build your website by installing WordPress – A Content Management System. Once, everything is set, get the checklist of must needed SEO plugins and install on your website.

  • Theme And Blog Customization:

Select a pleasant theme that attracts the users to stay on your website for a long period of time. Meanwhile, the theme must suits your niche. Customize your blog area for easy accessibilities for website visitors.

  • Basic Set Up:

Fill up the basic details on your website from title to NAP insertion. Then, Create main pages of your website, which can a service/product your providing.

  • Start The Blog:

Start your blog posting from covering the basic topics of your niche. Once basic topics are covered, get into the deeper knowledge sharing through your blog. The basic topic helps you to monetize your blog in future when you’re website is widely established.

  • On-Page SEO:

Whenever you create a page/post on your website, do the basic On-Page SEO. It will help you to drive traffic in the long run for your website.

  • SetUp Webmaster and Analytics:

Integrate your website with Google’s two best tools – Google Webmaster and Google Analytics. It assists to track the website and make you understand how your website performs.




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