June 20, 2024

How roofs are damaged frequently and how to avoid it?

Regular roof cleaning is the necessary to maintain the roofs properly and avoid the unwanted expenses. Improper maintenance of roof will lead to roof decay and may result in the replacement of the roofs. Doing proper and regular roof cleaning will make sure that you do not need any replacement in the near future.

Common Reasons for Roof Damages:

The main thing that the root gets damaged is that due to the algae. When you leave the algae as it is without considering that and cleaning immediately. Then it will stay on the roofs for long time and even it may spread across the roof drastically by causing more damage to all the areas in the roof. Allowing algae to grow in the roof will lead you to spend more in the future for the roof replacement.

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Also, if you find any small signs of water patches on the top of interior of your room. Then without wasting any time, you should inspect the roofs and you may find some places where the water drains slowly in. These kind of water patches in the roof should be fixed immediately without delaying anymore as it may lead to huge roof damage very soon.

If you find any kind of mould and moss growth in the roof tops, then you should look after it immediately. Because, this may cause the tiles to break and leave gaps in between them. This will make the water to flow into the roof causing patches inside. Day by day the volume of the moss and mould will increase if you didn’t remove them immediately and may cause huge damage to the roofs.

Also the water may penetrate inside the roof if the tiles are laid very loose. Hence make sure that the tiles are held very tight without any gaps. Just step out and check periodically whether the tiles are held tight enough to prevent the water from entering in. Having regular check will make sure that you need not spend any more cost for the damage which is to be caused later. Hence the roof maintenance is must.

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Make sure that the underlay is in good condition. Because the roof tiles are held tightly only with the support of the underlay. Even small tear in the underlay will make the water to enter in which may not visible at the earlier stages. Once the tear gets opening big, then you may feel big water patches on the roof. Hence make sure that the underlays are always in good condition.

How to avoid roof damages?

Mostly roofs got damaged due to some carelessness if you see any kind of small patches or the growth of the algae in the roof. Just try to remove that immediately. Once you leave as it is, then the roof algae, moss and mould may spread all over the roof surface and will result in damaging the roof entirely. Hence remove the moss, mould and algae immediately when you see small signs of it in the roof.

Once in a month or twice, just step out of the roof and check that everything is fine with the tiles and the underlays. Makes sure that the tiles are held very tightly and there is no gap left in between the tiles. Because small gap may let the water to enter into the roof causing the patches in the inner surface. You can remove the tiles immediately if you find any damage with the tiles and replace with the good one. Checking once or twice in month will make sure that you detect the damages at the earlier stages.

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Final and the most important thing is that, if you find any damage or huge water patches in the roofs, then don’t hesitate to call the professional roof cleaning company to fix it. Hiring the professional exterior roof cleaning company will make sure that the damaged tiles are removed properly and replaced with the good ones. Also, the experienced professionals will know the ways of rectifying the damages caused with algae growth with the proper cleaning agents.

Hence if you are looking for any professionals and experienced roof cleaners in London, then you can just give a call to 01494 355 304 or visit the roofing cleaning, Professional team of roof cleaners at Cleaned With Care and they will reach your place to clean the roof and fix it in the best way at the optimal cost.

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