June 20, 2024
clean your Dining Space

Tips to clean your Dining area

For enjoying the perfect Dining with your family members and friends you should have to spend some time to schedule dining cleaning services, the Dining area is an important place where everyone in your house shares their time to discusses interesting topics after dinner time. If the dining area is not clean it gives you a little headache if someone arrives at your home in surprise. You never hide this place like other rooms like a room in your house because the dining area comes next to your living area and it acts as the central hub of your house. If you don’t have time to clean your dining space book a service or get free guidance by visiting the number one cleaning services in London http://www.quickcleaningservices.co.uk/

Tools needed For Cleaning

  1. Cotton cloth
  2. Duster
  3. Mild soapy liquid
  4. Vacuum cleaner
  5. Mops
  6. Water bucket
  7. Sprayer
  8. Wax cleaner
  9. Ladder/ stool

How to clean your Dining area

special Dinner at home

  • Take off all cushions, curtains and another covered sheet from your dining place and allow it for washing, if you found no time for washing clean them with the help of a vacuum cleaner.
  • Now concentrate on your furniture, start dusting the chairs, dining table, and other appliances like refrigerator, kettle.
  • Clean the plates and glass vessels like water jug and bowls with the help of cotton cloth or with the mild soap liquid and water. Allow them to dry
  • With the help of a stool or ladder wipe off the ceiling lights and fans. Make sure to switch off the electric switches for the safety
  • Wipe off the stains and dirt away from the candle holder
  • Clean the wall hangings and corner of the place and ensure there is no dust and webs
  • Replace the hand cleaning towels with a new one.
  • Replace the old flower in your dining table with the new flowers
  • Cleaning the dining floor, the sparkling effect. For carpeted area use vacuum cleaner and for wooden surface use mopping

Tips for fine dining

Tips for fine Dining

Fine dining in your home is an excellent way to get entertain your family members while having a food at night. It helps to save more money. Here are some tips to set up restaurant-style dining in your home.

  1. Atmosphere

Set up a good atmosphere to get the feel of the restaurant. Arrange some nice flowers around the table and decorate the place with some wall frames and hangings.

  1. Lighting

Dim Lighting gives an awesome glow in the night time. Go for dim lights and candles that make perfect dining.

  1. Theme

Set the theme with the help of candles and flowers and make a dining place as an interesting Hub

  1. Plates

Go for white plates, it gives the classic looks like a restaurant feel. Mostly the round pattern plate is good for serving.

  1. Music

Download some pleasant light music and play in the background that gives a pleasant feel while dining

  1. Glassware

Select the spotless glassware to have the same standard as the restaurant. Additionally with glassware buy the glass cloths that help for the cleaning process after the meal.

arrange your plates for dining

  1. Drinks/ wine

Arrange some drinks or home-made wine to give the perfect restaurant feel.

  1. Seating Arrangements

Arrange all the chairs and tables in a fine way. Set all the plates and drinking water and fruit basket on the table before your family members or guest arrives.

  1. Dishes

Decorate your dishes, add some toppings and sprinkle some spices for the delicious look.

  1. Clean-up

Clean-clean-clean. Cleaning is the mastering of everything. Clean your dining place before and after by follow our cleaning tips.


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