June 20, 2024

How to decorate a Christmas tree in 10 easy steps


The Christmas is currently perhaps the most symbolic the world over. Regardless of where you are, what continent you live in, many cultures have embraced this subtle symbol and made it a crucial part of their Christmas celebration. The kind of decoration you put on your tree may vary, mostly depending on the area norms, as well as personal taste.

There are hundreds of decorating platforms you can choose from, ranging anything from custom Christmas baubles to the more common gift stockings.

It’s all in the technique though, and https://www.holyart.co.uk has a bunch of decorating tips, ideas, and pointers that may help ensure your Christmas tree becomes the talk of the neighborhood.

Easy Steps to follow;

Establish a theme

Decorating for Christmas isn’t half as easy as people think it is. Without the right blended theme, you may end up with a dozen different color varieties and a house that looks more like Halloween than Christmas. That said, it is very crucial to, before anything else, figure out the kind of theme you want to go with before you begin your decorations.

Having a ready, pre-determined theme will help you figure out what colors to focus on, as well as the kind of ornaments you want to put on your tree. This will essentially make the decorating process faster and more efficient.

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decorate christmas tree

  • String Lights

Most people don’t know how to light up a Christmas tree without having all the ugly chords dangling around. These strings can ruin the whole decoration. The trick is to wrap the string lights around the branches, working from the inside and moving out. This allows the leaves on the branches to cover the strings, exposing only the lights. String lights are perhaps the most important part of the decorating process because they not only illuminate other decorations, they also accentuate and light up the entire room.

  • Camouflage trunk and base

You want people to focus on the decorations, not parts of the tree. The trunk and the base tend to stand out. A great way to emphasize the string lights on your Christmas tree, and to give it a beautiful Christmas fever glow would be to use iridescent cellophane. Parts of the Christmas tree are fairly unattractive, so having this as a backup tends to help get rid of this problem.

  • Throw in some Christmas balls

Figuring out the perfect gift to give someone for Christmas is usually a headache. But this is the time of the year where the thought really does count. You can always throw in a Christmas bauble set with custom inscriptions for every member of the family, as well as close friends. The message can be anything from appreciatory to celebratory. Giving everyone around a feeling of love and affection. Baubles actually go really well with string lights, so they can be a huge way to safeguard that feeling of togetherness over the Christmas holidays.

  • Ribbons and Bows

A Christmas tree is never complete without some ribbons. The bows are mainly complementary. Using any of type of floral wire, you can attach ribbons from the apex point of your tree and, run it round in a downward spiral and voila! You have yourself a pretty Christmas tree.

  • Invest in texture

Another important element here is the texture. There are specific sprays that may help to improve the texture of your Christmas tree, especially if an artificial blend. This is mainly to improve the branches, all you have to do is put them in place. Nothing complicated.

  • Pick favorites

Sentiment is the single most important element in any Christmas tree decoration. It is crucial to ensure that you don’t just flood your Christmas tree with meaningless ornaments. Pick a couple of things that mean something both to you and your family.

christmas tree

It may be anything from a gift your child gave you, to a framed family photo, or even something you made for your significant other. Such a sentimental item ought to be the best part of it all because it means something!

  • Arrange your Ornaments

Although you want people to see all your decorations, it is not a good idea to overdo it. Sometimes people get a little carried away and put too many ornaments on individual branches-bad idea.

Ensure you balance out the weight. Put heavy ornaments close to the trunk, and ensure the lighter ones are spread out evenly.

  • Tinsel

Even with all the lights and the glitter, always throw in a little tinsel to add a bit of glow to your Christmas tree. Not a lot though, just strategically placed bits and pieces. Too much tinsel tends to water down the rest of the decorations.

  • Cover the base

After the tree is set up with all your favorite decorations, the last piece of this proverbial puzzle involves covering the base of your Christmas tree. Most people go for tree skirts, which are great but a bit limiting. With your theme set, you can include some custom fabrics that are larger and more attractive.

You need to keep the set theme in mind when picking your fabric. This will ensure you keep to the script and don’t ruin the entire décor by going off key. Just one piece of fabric can stand out, and it can make everything seem out of place.

A matching fabric finish is far prettier, and far less pricey compared to other base covers.

Final thoughts

Christmas is the best time of the year, it brings families together, brings good cheer, and it allows people to celebrate their love for each other. Nothing builds on this principle more than a well decorated Christmas tree. This is why you should definitely check out Holyart for all the latest in decorating trends and equipment to safeguard that Christmas spirit.

It is, after all, the most wonderful time of the year!

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