June 20, 2024
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How to protect the laptop screen from damages?

6 primary things to keep in mind

Technology has no doubt made our lives simpler and pretty faster. From 1st Generation massive size computers to personal computer and then to laptops. But with this advancement comes extreme cautiousness since the hardware though advanced but are very much prone to damages. Talking about the laptop, the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen is actually the most sensitive part of your hi-tech gadget. It must be handled with extreme care, any negligence such as scratches, cracks or any sort of screen damage may result in non- functioning of your laptop.

Still, devices are prone to wear and tear but with some really useful preventive measures your laptop screen can be saved from damages.

  1. Laptop Case

Don’t compromise on your laptop case as it will prevent any direct bang of objects on your laptop and will prevent the laptop screen against any denting or break. Go for a well padded laptop case having separate storage for cables/chargers/mouse.

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  1. Cleaning

Never spray harsh chemicals on your laptop. Moreover, avoid paper towels and rags to rub off the dust as this may leave scratches on the laptop screen. Use simple water (mixed with vinegar – optional) on a soft cotton cloth and then wipe off your screen. Cleaning wipes can also be used as another option.

  1. Screen Guard

You can use a thin, economical screen protector which will avoid any accidental damage to your laptop screen.  This thin plastic film will avoid an accumulation of dust particles and prevent any sort of smudges and scratches.

  1. Closing the screen

Well, one may overlook this factor, but its quite critical. Be very careful that before you close down the laptop screen, nothing is lying on your keyboard like a USB stick, pen or any hard metallic object. If it accidentally gets banged on your screen, the effects can’t be reversed.

  1. Avoid sharp objects

Prevent touching your laptop screen with any sharp or coarse object, in an attempt to clean the corners or remove any patch. This can seriously spoil your LCD. Also be careful not to place any coffee mug, a glass of water or any heavy object too close to the laptop region. Any sort of fall will ruin the entire laptop, forget about the screen. At most times, you will seek the help of laptop repair service due to the screen damages.

protect laptop screen from damages

  1. Finger Touch

Though fingers are not hard on your screen but often touching and rubbing the laptop screen with fingers can make the screen blur and leave it smudged. In addition, when the laptop is not in use you can take that little effort to close the lid down and unplug the power cord. (Especially when you have kids around)

Usually, laptops are designed to withstand some degree of wear and tear. But one should not take it very casual as the damage doesn’t come with a level and warning sign. Ultimately be responsible for your valuable possession and with the above preventive measures you can rest assured of protecting your laptop screen from any sort of damages.



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