June 20, 2024

Mistakes To Avoid While Choosing A Wedding Venue In London

A wedding is supposed to be fun and memorable. What most people fail to realize is that there’s more to a wedding’s success than just having the perfect gown, perfect food, perfect weather, or even smiling and jovial guests! The choice of your London wedding venue will greatly determine the success or failure of your special day! One of the biggest mistakes that most couples and wedding planners make is rushing to pick a venue, only for it to dawn on them on the wedding day that they could have done a better job! By then it’s too late and little can be done to change the situation. The key to getting the perfect wedding venue lies in taking time to compare and contrast the different venues available.

  • Never rush; the worst mistake you can ever make when picking a London wedding venue is to rush it. There are tens of venues all across the city and each will try to market itself as the best. However, be calm and sober; don’t get over excited by one factor, and forget about the other factors that you should have borne in mind. For instance, interior design alone is not enough reason to make you like a venue; other factors like capacity, budget and location are equally important.
  • Be considerate; another common mistake that wedding planners and couple make is to be inconsiderate. Remember a wedding is not about you alone. It’s also about your friends and family. Take into consideration every guest who’ll be attending. For instance, it would be inconsiderate to pick a London wedding venue at the top floor, while you’ll have seniors and elderly guests whose mobility may limit their ability to climb up. It’s better to opt for location that’s easily accessible to all, than one that has everything you dream of but is impossible to access.
  • Booking in advance; never ever assume that you’re the only one that’s looking to secure a wedding venue in London at any one given time. There are numerous couples that are looking for the same venue, on the same day you wish to use it. Thus, much as you’re advised to compare and contrast before picking the perfect venue, you better make up your mind fast. Don’t wait till the last week of your wedding, to start running helter skelter. Instead, make up your mind about a month before the wedding, and go ahead and book the wedding. Most wedding venues will be okay with you depositing even half the amount in advance, and the last bit on the wedding day.

Knowing what they offer; some wedding venues like Cavendish Banqueting offer the venue and other additional services like interior designing and catering. In order to avoid duplicating roles, you can try and kill several birds with one stone. Before you rush to hire a caterer separately, find out whether the venue offers additional services. This way, you are able to streamline all activities and also save a coin here and there while at it.

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