Good equipment it’s really critical for a photographer, but what exactly do you need as a professional photographer?

It really depends on what area of photography will you be perusing, so let’s have a look at it step by step.

Portrait photography

As a starting photographer you want to do something where you need as little equipment as possible, like portrait photography. There are just few things that you will need for portrait photography. The first thing it’s quite cheap long lens, it doesn’t even have to be a zoom lenses for that matter. 70mm would be great for the job and of course with your lenses you’ll need a decent body. It be great if you could get a full frame, even some older type like canon mark 2 or 3 are definitely a great option.

When I started with portrait photography I had just a camera and 70mm, for lighting I haven’t spent a dime as I used a window in by bedroom instead of soft box. Of course you can you can take the portrait photos outside, but for that you will need a reflector, to help you get some soft light. Without a reflector your headshots are going to look really unprofessional.

Wedding Photography

Now let’s say that you want to be a wedding photographer. The equipment in that case will be quite expensive. You will have to have two cameras, one with long lens, for the close ups, something like 75-300 would be great. And on the other camera you should have wide lens, something like 18- 50 so you can capture wide angle shots. Benefit of having two cameras it’s that you don’t have to be wasting time by changing the lenses, and missing the important moments that will never repeat. The other reason for that it’s that when you’re photographing events that will never repeat you need to have a backup camera in case that one breaks.

The other thing that you need as a wedding photographer it’s a flash, the reason for that it’s that in churches there’s usually not enough light, and if you don’t want to have all your images underexposed, you have to have it.

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If you are thinking of redesigning your bedroom or just thinking of freshening it up, new bedroom furniture may be one of the things on the agenda. Your wardrobe is after all the main piece that will cost the most after your bed so some careful thought must be put in before you purchase.

There are many different type of wardrobe from 4 door units to stylish wardrobes with sliding doors and many more. Of course what type and style that you go for.

We will discuss a few of these in this short post.

First up is the standard stand up wardrobe which are quite large and common. These can take up a lot room and if you are limited on space you may want look into another design, as the doors will open outwards. The good thing though is that you can store a lot in this type of wardrobe and you will have a minimum of a rail and a top shelf to store items that are folded up like jumpers and shirts.

You can have a wardrobe with built in drawers at the bottom and this may result in you not having to invest in a separate chest of drawers.

You can also have sliding draw wardrobe that save space by not having to open the door outwards. You can also add glass to these so the door doubles up as a mirror. Corner wardrobes are also available and if you have the space in your room a walk in version could be an option.

There is also a variety of materials that you have your new wardrobe from wood, plastic and glass. It would be best to visit a showroom first before to see what the products look like close up. You should also take your room measurements also so the specialist will be able to advise you.




Magic performers have been around for centuries and they never fail to amaze their audience with tricks and illusions.

Booking a Magician for your party, wedding or work function is a guaranteed way to help your guests remember your event for years to come.

Unless you hire a specialist stage act, hiring a magician adds a personal close up feel as the performer will move around the venue visiting individuals, groups or tables. This is also a great way to get your guests interacting with each other and can be used as an ice breaker.

If you are having a wedding reception you will properly have younger guests at the event. Magicians appeal to audiences of all ages so any children attending will be entertained greatly.

So where do you find a great act to book for your party? There are many entertainers around so you should not have too much trouble finding someone suitable.

You will most likely search the internet for a local act, you can just search for magician Birmingham or add what area that you live in. This will give you a long list to choose from. Check each performers website for details of what their act includes, prices and availability. You may be able to watch demonstrations in the form of a YouTube video to see if the person is right for you.

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Alternatively, you can watch the video below for an example of how a magician can help bring entertainment for your guests!